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Daily News 05/09/95

Leene Aavik of Estonian nationalilty was introduced to art at an early age.  Her father was an artist and with his inspiration and her eagerness to create, Leene began to draw.  At the age of seven she sold her first coloured drawing.


Self-taught from observing her father, Leene developed her own style and paints in any medium which catches her fancy.  Her work is loose, spontaneous and full of vivacity which reflects an abstract, impressionistic style.  Working from her beautiful home studio in Eumundi, Leene is a prolific painter who is committed and passionate about her work.  She is especially renowned for her paintings featuring women, three sisters and barristers.


Leene has won numerous awards throughout Australia and her paintings are in collections world wide.  She has successfully exhibited in many solo and joint exhibitions in prominent galleries in Queensland and New South Wales. Some of her achievements include the Stanthorpe Shire Council Art Gallery exhibition 2003 curated from the Art Gallery's permanent collection together with renown artists John Olsen, Stephen Kalder, William Robinson, Donald Friend, Stephen Baxter, Andrew Sibley, Julie Bowlby and Paul Bishop.


Leene's work is highly sought after and caters to the domestic and corporate market with a  growing clientele from professional circles.


Eumundi on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia is Leene's home where she paints on a full time basis due to her love of painting, popularity and demand. Her work is exhibited in her own gallery, "Aavik Art" situated in the town of Eumundi, famous for its markets.


Leene is happy to paint commissions  and will freight her artwork  within Australia and overseas.

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